HEALTH: Dosing – Functionally

The fist I heard the term “functional dosing” was during a Ben Fuchs radio broadcast on the GCN Radio Network. On his radio program, The Bright Side, Mr. Fuchs discusses different remedies and aids through nutritional supplementation. After hearing this term used multiple times on his show, I started thinking about how this applies to your daily life in terms of food consumption, supplementation, and exercise.  Functional dosing is literally defined as: “A systematic approach to dosing yourself appropriately, either less or more, as required for your body”. This makes the most of sense due to the fact that everyone is different in their body make-up. This, in one sense, debunks most models for nutrition and exercise that are set as a “end all” solution to your needs. Below I have listed the three aspects for which I mentioned above. I have outlined how one might go about functionally dosing yourself:


  • |When you are hungry eat} When you approach eating in this manner you run into a few obstacles. 1. Most people aren’t getting the nutritional values from their everyday food for which their body requires to be healthily satisfied. This is due, in part, to the fact that most conventional food products available today are full of additives and fillers that do not constitute healthy nutritional intake levels. In this, if you just “eat when you are hungry” then you will find yourself gaining in weight feeling sick, more often. Simply answered, change what you eat. If you are hungry eat an apple, banana, or a rich source or protein. If you have a tendency to gravitate towards fast foods or convenient store items, just simple make those harder to obtain and the healthier items easier to access. For you can eat all the time, if you are eating nutritionally full foods.


  • |How many pills}When dosing appropriately in a healthy manner, one wants to take into consideration that when you first start a supplement, the reason you have started the supplement in the first place was because your bodily system was lacking in that substance prior to your intake of it. So when you start a new supplement, you might want to consider take more than less of it. As time continues forward with your intake of the specific supplement, you may notice that you body has not become accustomed to it and may require a higher dosage. This does not mean that you will end up taking two full handfulls of pills everyday. Strive to get your main nutrition from whole foods. The supplements are just that, supplementation. But in regard to taking supplements, take as many was your body requires at that moment. As time goes on, you body will heal itself and may require less supplementation.


  • |How often do I exercise}  The word exercise has developed a stigma revolving around gym-goers and a strenuous routine of heavy weight lifting. The reason for this is due to our stream line societal disposition for readily availability. Exercise could simply be taking a walk or cleaning your entier house in an afternoon. Exercise should be treated as your body requires. If you are looking for that higher degree of exercise, take every feeling your body produces and listen to it. Workout until you simply can’t anymore and stop. In one sense you will build honest endurance, in the second sense you will be able to gauge how long your workouts should be on a day-to-day basis. For somedays, your workouts may be light/shorter then other days.

By: Thomas McGregor


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