PHILOSOPHY:: Interconnected: Experiential Connectedness




I find that in the midst of such physical and mental destruction there is a peace that can come from simply attempting to communicate with another human being on a mutually understood level. When you take the time to investigate the connections that two individuals have, you find that there is possibly less to fight about than recently hypothesized. This can come as a shock, only to those that are used to looking at the world through the eyes of segregation and particle analysis. For if you continuously project the idea that you are seemingly completely separate from your outward environment, then this will yield the results of a fogged perception of separateness. But, if you are to take into consideration that possibility of interconnectedness between yourself and another, you might find that there are more things that you have in common than you are willing to admit. For we find ourselves in a state of slight comfort in separateness. For we believe, that if we can set ourselves apart from an object, person, or situation, then there is that same value of possibility for us to be above that object, person, or situation. Also, for if we can manage to separate ourselves from a situation that we are in, this continuously places a false depiction of control in our hands. We gain the sense that there is a possibility for us to control the situations we enjoy, and change the situations we don’t like. This, presents us with the idea of power over our own lives. Furthermore, you are raised in a community of persons for which are accustomed to the societal norm of “taking control of your life, or you wont amount to anything” you are placed with actual esteemed pressure by your parents, peers, and public figures to take charge and make something of yourself.


In contrast, if you are to take a situation and attempt to find the direct conneciont from you to that situation, you may find that the struggle for which you were accustomed to before is placed at bay momentarily. For when you take a situation that you are not comfortable with and strive for the access to connection the situation there seems to present you with more unconnected options. So, out of instinct you might tend to rise to the separated aspects of your experience and mounting your defenses. For when you stumble upon your first connect with an experience that, was at first unpleasant, you might notice several aspects: 1. For there is very little struggle, if any, in accordance to your searching for connection. 2. You will find the connect-ability between you and your experience in both, simple and complex natures. 3. You will find that the connections run deep within yourself.


The interconnect explorer might experience a shift in his or her’s mind when approaching this. You will find something of a difference in a nature to how you approach a person, as well. Instead of your inner monolog being, “What can you do for me?” it may change to “How can I connect with you?”. Even though these two perspectives seem relatively approximate in nature, they are vastly different in subconscience alibi. For when you approach a person with the attitude of willingness to connect, you will seemingly find yourself reserving your inner energy for giving purposes, rather than taking purposes. This is a direct link to the part of your ego that is self centered. For when you take an interconnected approach you might find that you are thinking less about yourself and what you can profit, and more to how the other persons qualities can connect with yours. In this, you will see a combining of forces between you and your situation. You will see that this marriage of egos diminishes both player’s psyche to the point of acknowledgment of two becoming one. Interestingly enough, you may also come into recognition of that which is timeless. But, you won’t “know” it when you are in the moment. Conclusively, seeing the interconnectedness between yourself and another person can seem novel at the time. But, as you continue in a practice-like manner, you will find it much easier to find the connectedness between yourself and another person much easier than the struggle of separateness, for which you were accustomed to encompassing previously.


By: Thomas McGregor 


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