ART:: L.T. Wheeler: Review and Analysis

Today we are doing a simple Art Review! These are fun for me, as I really love the progressiveness and mind expanding properties that art can encompass.

Today we are taking a look into two photographs by artist L.T. Wheeler, from Austin Texas. You will find these photographs expanding the way you see your environment in many ways.

“Urban Wounds” – © 2011, Louis T. Wheeler"Urban Wounds" - © 2011, Louis T. Wheeler

 |What we find in this photographs is many different dimensions that seem to make themselves present in unassuming places. The way in which Mr. Wheeler used lighting effects and photographic picturing, we see color alteration in the higher of levels. Furthermore, you may notice that there was more to this photograph before the light effect were installed. The darkness that sits around the centerpiece of the photograph implies to the viewer that which is dark in our lives to which surrounds us.| 

l. t. wheeler © 2011

|I love this photograph! This particular photograph from Mr. Wheeler is particularly interesting due its coincidence with how real everyday things in life are, but yet colorful. The color aspects of each photograph of Mr. Wheeler’s keeps you looking and finding the details. In this photographs(pictured above), you find yourself seeing things that you may have not notices otherwise. The difference? In this case we are indebted to L.T. for illuminating and coloring the small aspects of our everyday existence.|

By: Thomas McGregor    


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