PHILOSOPHY: MultiDisciplinary: Analysis

I have been asked in recent month of this year about my vast interest difference and how I manage to manage what I learn, what I produce, and my enthusiasm for life – in gener.
These are all really good questions, and I would like to take an analytic approach in our exploration into doing/experiencing a multidisciplinary lifestyle.
In order to “manage multiple things”, you must have the following these principals:

  1. You must not revert to naming them as multiple things. For they are individual endeavors that require individual attention.
  2. Stay in the moment. In order to produce quality work in multi-disciplined practices, staying in the moment is key. You can’t necessarily be doing one task and be thinking about another and produce quality.
  3. Keep an open mind. Keeping an open mind is the greatest tool when achieving goal points in different fields.
  4. Recognition of interconnectedness. By seeing how your different fields are connected you will start to see a “bleed” in merit between your different tasks. This will aid in your discovery of how to operate differently between the different disciplines, whilst using the similar aspects to your advantage.
The above are just some of the key characteristics of learning, exploring, and doing different areas of “work”.
I don’t look at life as a “I must have a certain job that I am defined by” problem. Rather, I see the interconnectedness in the things that I am interested in.
This, however does not grant one the permission to produce objects that lack in quality and/or substance. Many people believe that when you multi-task your quality
is diminished. This is true! For I don’t multi- task, I stay with what I’m doing at the present moment. Where the skill comes in is when you us ability to see things as an “overview” in order to plan the best next step. It’s like being on a journey with a map, you are exploring the terrane around you but you are totally invested in what the map says. This also does not say that the map is a solid unchangeable entity. For life doesn’t operate like this, so why should your journey. This relates to many aspects of life in today’s society. If you notice, 8/10 people(I would guess)are unhappy with their current working situations. This is due impart to the stagnent way that people approach their journey through life. This is because it takes risk, complete dedication to your(current)artform, and the willingness to be uncomfortable. Below I have listed keep points to consider.
  •  Openness.
  • Attention to details.
  • Willingness to be wrong, and learn from that.
  • Knowing I am the student and the master.
  • Knowing that I am in control and the Universe is in control.
  • Understanding Intelligence.
  • Learning from what works and having the earnestness to challenge that.
  • The Wanting to Share.
  • Application of Knowledge.

In the information age for which we live, you can take up interests, of vast importance, with knowledge that is readily available to you. Twenty years ago this would have been thought of as crazy. Five hundred years ago it was seen as a crazy, but not by the view of a man called Da Vinci.

Are certain things that can spark your direct interest?. In the age that we live, when information is literally at your fingertips at virtually any moment. Take up those interests, apply them, and explore the worlds they take you to.

By: Thomas McGregor


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