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TECHNOLOGY:: DVE: Immersion Room

DVE TelePresence(Digital Video Enterprises, Inc) is a multi-million dollar technology company that specializes in telecommunications and teleconferencing via the highest quality of multi dimensional streaming video. Jeff Machtig and  Steve McNelley manage this multifaceted company, striving for perfection in your long distance communication experience. Below I have listed a video of their newest brain-child, Immersion, as a testament to how powerful technology has escalated:

Steve McNelley, PhD is the Co-CEO of Digital Video Enterprises, Inc. Mr. McNelley is a very well spoken and smart individual, you will find this interview with him very insightful into how the Immersion technology emerged.


Technologies of this splendor, 20 years ago was sought after in sciencefiction novels and films. The idea that there is now technology that can transport your image in 3 dimensions with high definition stereo sound, and convert it to video is astonishing. For the normal tech-geek this technology has been developing for years and may not seem to be as groundbreaking as it might to a person never hearing of such technological possibilities. Even so, I submit to you; to step back from your every day perspective(whatever that may be)and really see the wondrous things we have created as humans. In this case the amazement isn’t in an artform of “typical” merit. For this artform, that has been cultivated and produced presents the opportunity to communicate with other humans, just shy of the non-living. What does 20 years from now hold? Based on where we are starting, with technologies such as DVE Immersion, we may be able to speak with the dead after all.

By: Thomas McGregor

Link: Digital Video Enterprises, Inc.


MUSIC:: Interconnect-Interview: Tony Senser

This is a very insightful interview into the life of a soundtrack producer and composer!

 Welcome to the Interconnect-Interplay

SCIENCE:: *DO NOT EAT!*: Aspartame:>Biochemistry>Analysis

 During a recent research session of mine into the biochemistry of the main line sweetener chemical Aspartame, I found some very very disturbing information about this toxin in regards to our every day food consumption. 

Opening Statement:

I had to post my findings on this[hidden in plain view]nastiness: Researchers at Purdue University(a major research institution known for discoveries in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), Carolina, found that rats gained on average 20 percent more weight with artificial sweetener such as Aspartame than with natural sugar. They could not say why but believed that “… the artificial sweetener somehow interrupts the body’s ability to regulate or register the amount of calories it has consumed resulting in carbohydrate cravings and/or reduced metabolism.” The contradiction in this is a single finding of mine: On a can of Red Bull you will find that following statements: “Red Bull Sugarfree, low calorie *Improves performance, especially during times of increased stress of strain *Increases concentration and improves reaction to speed *Stimulates the metabolism” If these statements were true, scientifically, you could not find Aspartame as the 11th ingredient on the Red Bull Sugarfree listing. Aspartame is only 11th subject to; Carbonated Water, Citric Acid, and Caffeine, to name a few. Aspartame is located in over 40 readily available products, claims the chemical’s very own website( Including: Anything labeled as “sugerfree”, “diet”, “fat free”, cereals, nutritional bars, and 90% of soft drinks regardless of ingredient-al merit. Read what you eat if its in a package, eat more things that aren’t packaged!


Let me break down the chemical reactions that happen within your body:

(All underlined and italicized words will be defined and expanded upon.)

1. The chemical Aspartame is an  non-saccharide compound.

  • Saccharide: Means – Carbohydrate and is had an empirical formula of Cm(H2O)n. 
In relationship to Aspartame: This means it is a non-carbohydrate chemical.
2. The chemical Aspartame is made up of two bacteria cultured amino acids, aspartic acid and phenylalanine combined with free form methanol.
  • Aspartic Acid: Labeled as Aspartate, it is a non-essential precursor to amino acids in mammals. This means it can by synthesized through chemical laboratory manipulation. It is an α-amino acid with the chemical formula HOOCCH(NH2)CH2COOH.
  • Phenylalanine: Is is an α-amino acid with the formula C6H5CH2CH(NH2)COOH, as well. According to several sources, Phenylalanine is produced for; Medical, Feed, and Nutritional applications ONLY for the sweetener Aspartame. By adding this to the products it has been to known to genetically generate  Escherichia coliThis genetic engineering is produced by manipulating the genes controlling enzymes responsible for the synthesis of the amino acid
  • {Escherichia coli: Commonly referred to as “E. Coli” is a Gram-Negative – rod-shaped bacterium that is commonly found in living organism mammals, such as humans. Most strains of the bacteria are harmless minus the  serotypes types for which are responsable for food poisonings of various degrees. This can cause many product retailers to recall their products due to lack of costumer support based on the costumer sickness.
  • Methanol: Also referred to as methyl alcohol is a chemical with the formula CH3OH. Methane is often used in the the following applications: Feed Stock, Gas, Synthetic Fuels, Solvent, Antifreeze for Pipelines. During World War II Methanol was used to fuel German rocket propulsion systems. For humans, methane has a very high toxicity for humans.  If ingested, for example, as little as 10 mL of pure methanol can cause permanent blindness by destruction of the optic nerve, and 30 mL is potentially fatal – according to a study conducted by Vale on Methane in the journal of Medice in 2007[35 (12): 633–4].

List on Aspartame’s very own website[] you will find a listing of the following products. All of this products are listed as “The Following Reduced Calorie Products Have Aspartame-Sweetened Choices” :

  • Breath Mints
  • Carbonated Soft Drinks
  • Cereals
  • Chewing Gum
  • Flavored Syrups for Coffee
  • Flavored Water Products
  • Frozen Ice
  • Frozen Ice Cream Novelties
  • Fruit Spreads
  • Gelatin, Sugar Free
  • Hard Candies
  • Ice cream Toppings
  • Ice Creams, No Sugar Added or Sugar Free
  • Iced Tea, Powder
  • Iced Tea, Ready to Drink
  • Instant Cocoa Mix
  • Jams & Jellies
  • Juice Blends
  • Juice Drinks
  • Maple Syrups
  • Meal Replacements
  • Mousse
  • No Sugar Added Pies
  • Non-Carbonated Diet Soft drinks
  • Nutritional Bars
  • Powdered Soft Drinks
  • Protein Nutritional Drinks
  • Pudding
  • Soft Candy Chews
  • Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup
  • Sugar Free Cookies
  • Sugar Free Ketchup
  • Table Top Sweeteners
  • Vegetable Drinks
  • Yogurt, Drinkable
  • Yogurt, Fat Free
  • Yogurt, Sugar Free

At the point that the website has to defend itself is reason enough for investigation. For on the aspartame website you will find the following statement:

“The Food and Drug Administration, the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) of the World Health Organization, the Scientific Committee for Food of the European Community and regulatory agencies in more than 100 countries have reviewed aspartame and found it safe for use. The American Medical Association, the American Dietetic Association and the American Diabetes Association also have found aspartame safe.”

To the normal consumer this statement can come as a reassurance if that had any preconceived notions to if the chemical is safe for consumption or not. For, in all actuality this is probably why they list the statement on their site in the first place – because people have been negatively warned about it. There is only one fault to the above statement, however; they left out what aspartame does over a dosage of long-term usage. The studies in this regards reveal a very different marrit in results.


Phenylalanine, one of the amino acids I described above. After ingested it reacts to the hormonal levels in your digestive tract and act as a serotonin inhibitor, resulting in paralysis of normally gauged serotonin levels. The body produces serotonin from the amino acid tryptophan found in carbohydrates, such as your every day pastry roll or sandwich.  The desire to eat is switched off as soon as an adequate level serotonin is reached in the body’s chemical levels. But with a constant supply of phenylalanine from aspartame, blocking the production of serotonin, the right levels are never reached and we keep craving carbohydrates. This craving is not as much in our head as some might imply. For this is truly a chemical issue within our bodily systems. This can be corrected by exiting aspartame containing products from our diet. Psychologically, as we continue to eat products containing aspartame and therefor increasing our cravings for carbohydrated products, we gain weight. This can cause depression issues to the point of emotional eating disorters. Unfortunately, most eating disorters are warped around eating large amounts of sugary, pastry-like foods for comfort. Therefore we are continuing the process for which we are trying to escape. On a biochemistry level, sadly, many products in our supermarkets today that contain aspartame are carbohydrate based products.

Neurobiological Effects of Aspartame on the Humanoid Organism:

After ingesting aspartame the chemical methanol is released and converted to formaldehyde and then formic acid. Numerous tests by Universities show methanol breaks down into formaldahyde in the laboratory rats. Formaldehyde is a deadly neurotoxin, is a known carcinogen, causes retinal damage, interferes with DNA replication and causes birth defects. In natural foods such as fruit and alcoholic beverages methanol is always found together with ethanol which neutralizes the toxicity.

  • Formaldehyde: Is an organic chemical compound with the formula CH2O. Popular uses include: Color Negative Film Productions, Woodworking and Cabinet-Industries, in the making of glues, in the making of particle bored, and plastic laminent.
  • Carcinogen: A carcinogen is any substance, radionuclide, or radiation that is an agent directly involved in causing cancer.
  • Deadly: Causing or able to cause death: “a deadly weapon”. – webster’s dictionary

Closing Statement:

You must understand the severity of how this can effect everything and everyone you know, by now. For my hopes is that I have loaded the informational gun, in your defense. Read the labels on your packaged food, and eat more whole foods. For there are many evils in this world, and this is one we can actively avoid. Avoid not only for ourselves, but for our future generations.

  • Actively: in an active manner; “he participated actively in the war”.
  • Avoid: Keep away from or stop oneself from doing (something).

By: Thomas McGregor, CPT

Sources Used:


HEALTH: Dosing – Functionally

The fist I heard the term “functional dosing” was during a Ben Fuchs radio broadcast on the GCN Radio Network. On his radio program, The Bright Side, Mr. Fuchs discusses different remedies and aids through nutritional supplementation. After hearing this term used multiple times on his show, I started thinking about how this applies to your daily life in terms of food consumption, supplementation, and exercise.  Functional dosing is literally defined as: “A systematic approach to dosing yourself appropriately, either less or more, as required for your body”. This makes the most of sense due to the fact that everyone is different in their body make-up. This, in one sense, debunks most models for nutrition and exercise that are set as a “end all” solution to your needs. Below I have listed the three aspects for which I mentioned above. I have outlined how one might go about functionally dosing yourself:


  • |When you are hungry eat} When you approach eating in this manner you run into a few obstacles. 1. Most people aren’t getting the nutritional values from their everyday food for which their body requires to be healthily satisfied. This is due, in part, to the fact that most conventional food products available today are full of additives and fillers that do not constitute healthy nutritional intake levels. In this, if you just “eat when you are hungry” then you will find yourself gaining in weight feeling sick, more often. Simply answered, change what you eat. If you are hungry eat an apple, banana, or a rich source or protein. If you have a tendency to gravitate towards fast foods or convenient store items, just simple make those harder to obtain and the healthier items easier to access. For you can eat all the time, if you are eating nutritionally full foods.


  • |How many pills}When dosing appropriately in a healthy manner, one wants to take into consideration that when you first start a supplement, the reason you have started the supplement in the first place was because your bodily system was lacking in that substance prior to your intake of it. So when you start a new supplement, you might want to consider take more than less of it. As time continues forward with your intake of the specific supplement, you may notice that you body has not become accustomed to it and may require a higher dosage. This does not mean that you will end up taking two full handfulls of pills everyday. Strive to get your main nutrition from whole foods. The supplements are just that, supplementation. But in regard to taking supplements, take as many was your body requires at that moment. As time goes on, you body will heal itself and may require less supplementation.


  • |How often do I exercise}  The word exercise has developed a stigma revolving around gym-goers and a strenuous routine of heavy weight lifting. The reason for this is due to our stream line societal disposition for readily availability. Exercise could simply be taking a walk or cleaning your entier house in an afternoon. Exercise should be treated as your body requires. If you are looking for that higher degree of exercise, take every feeling your body produces and listen to it. Workout until you simply can’t anymore and stop. In one sense you will build honest endurance, in the second sense you will be able to gauge how long your workouts should be on a day-to-day basis. For somedays, your workouts may be light/shorter then other days.

By: Thomas McGregor

PHILOSOPHY:: Interconnected: Experiential Connectedness




I find that in the midst of such physical and mental destruction there is a peace that can come from simply attempting to communicate with another human being on a mutually understood level. When you take the time to investigate the connections that two individuals have, you find that there is possibly less to fight about than recently hypothesized. This can come as a shock, only to those that are used to looking at the world through the eyes of segregation and particle analysis. For if you continuously project the idea that you are seemingly completely separate from your outward environment, then this will yield the results of a fogged perception of separateness. But, if you are to take into consideration that possibility of interconnectedness between yourself and another, you might find that there are more things that you have in common than you are willing to admit. For we find ourselves in a state of slight comfort in separateness. For we believe, that if we can set ourselves apart from an object, person, or situation, then there is that same value of possibility for us to be above that object, person, or situation. Also, for if we can manage to separate ourselves from a situation that we are in, this continuously places a false depiction of control in our hands. We gain the sense that there is a possibility for us to control the situations we enjoy, and change the situations we don’t like. This, presents us with the idea of power over our own lives. Furthermore, you are raised in a community of persons for which are accustomed to the societal norm of “taking control of your life, or you wont amount to anything” you are placed with actual esteemed pressure by your parents, peers, and public figures to take charge and make something of yourself.


In contrast, if you are to take a situation and attempt to find the direct conneciont from you to that situation, you may find that the struggle for which you were accustomed to before is placed at bay momentarily. For when you take a situation that you are not comfortable with and strive for the access to connection the situation there seems to present you with more unconnected options. So, out of instinct you might tend to rise to the separated aspects of your experience and mounting your defenses. For when you stumble upon your first connect with an experience that, was at first unpleasant, you might notice several aspects: 1. For there is very little struggle, if any, in accordance to your searching for connection. 2. You will find the connect-ability between you and your experience in both, simple and complex natures. 3. You will find that the connections run deep within yourself.


The interconnect explorer might experience a shift in his or her’s mind when approaching this. You will find something of a difference in a nature to how you approach a person, as well. Instead of your inner monolog being, “What can you do for me?” it may change to “How can I connect with you?”. Even though these two perspectives seem relatively approximate in nature, they are vastly different in subconscience alibi. For when you approach a person with the attitude of willingness to connect, you will seemingly find yourself reserving your inner energy for giving purposes, rather than taking purposes. This is a direct link to the part of your ego that is self centered. For when you take an interconnected approach you might find that you are thinking less about yourself and what you can profit, and more to how the other persons qualities can connect with yours. In this, you will see a combining of forces between you and your situation. You will see that this marriage of egos diminishes both player’s psyche to the point of acknowledgment of two becoming one. Interestingly enough, you may also come into recognition of that which is timeless. But, you won’t “know” it when you are in the moment. Conclusively, seeing the interconnectedness between yourself and another person can seem novel at the time. But, as you continue in a practice-like manner, you will find it much easier to find the connectedness between yourself and another person much easier than the struggle of separateness, for which you were accustomed to encompassing previously.


By: Thomas McGregor 

GOVERNMENT:: Testing Missile Defense Intelligence: Israel

JERUSALEM — Israel says it has successfully tested an upgraded radar for the Arrow missile defense system, developed with the United States and designed to intercept projectiles that might be fired at the Jewish state from Iran.

Defense official Yair Ramati says the test was conducted on Friday in conjunction with the U.S. Missile Defense Agency.

He says the purpose of the test was to validate the system’s improved radar.

He said a Blue Sparrow 2 missile was fired west to east from “deep within the Mediterranean” but he would not say how far from Israel it was fired or what sort of threat it was designed to simulate.

A defense ministry statement says the Blue Sparrow was “representative of potential ballistic missile threats facing Israel.” -The Huffington Post

In light of the interesting developments with today’s economical stability foundations, I find it even more interesting that you have Israel building and testing a new missile defense system in a soup of 151 billion dollars in debt. This, of course does not accountably amount to the $15.4 trillion that the United States is under. But, this still poses an interesting set of events that may signal something of a larger situation in the future. Most people don’t realize, but in order for someone to get a new desk in a government building it takes(just about)an act of congressional approval. Anything associated with governmental spending, control, or legislation takes significant and detailed planning on the parts of the delegated people in those positions of power. With this in mind, you must take into consideration the recent release by RIA regarding the successful testing of a new missile defense system by Israel. In order for this to come into nationwide play, many many steps had to be played out in direct succession and accordance to Israeli governmental protocol. After realizing this, you could imagine for just a moment what this could mean. For if the government of Israel went through all of the systematic steps to produce, fund, and test a  Block 4 stage of the interceptor that will soon enter service with the Israeli Air Force (IAF). Estimates are that they bought half a dozen missiles. Including some nuclear tipped Sunburn missiles for the US battle groups, from Russia. The plans that are subsequential to these actions give into the assumption that the Israeli government believes they are in need of such powerful weapons. Conclusively, you must take into consideration that for a country that is nearly $200 Billion in debt to create such expensive weaponry, is possibly equal to a country that is $15 Trillion in debt continuing to participate in a war lasting for 12 years.

By: Thomas McGregor

PHILOSOPHY: Bibles: 117 Versions?

I was driving in the car recently and a commercial came on to the radio asking for the listeners to call in for their free copy of a new version of the bible. This campaign was being offered by a non-for-profit agency out of Canada for which is widely known for their distribution of bibles and theological literature. After hearing this, and becoming somewhat perplexed as to not knowing of the version of the bible for which they spoke of, I wanted to write a post to you depicting how the bible phenomenon has seemingly gotten out of control.

In the Christian faith it is believed that the “word” is God, and God is in it[the word]. Due to this belief it is sought after by the mass Christian faithians to live out the prophecies and teachings that present themselves in the Bible. Because the Bible is considered to be the word of God, the people of the Christian faith believe that they are living out the word of God – or, living out God himself – through their acting out of the words in the book. How this is justified with everyday happenings, is based(loosely)around the saying “you have all sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God…”. Implying that even though there are rules for a Christian to follow, if one is to break those rules “its okay, because we all sin”. This also rectifies that Jesus(or God) is solidly perfect and set above us, as mortal humans. This presents two paradoxes: 1. For in the Bible Jesus is depicted as human, “a mortal living among men.”. This is usually countered with the argument supported by the a direct quote saying, “For Jesus was the Son of God, not God himself – for whom is all knowing and perfect.” But yet, Jesus, in the accounts in the Bible did no wrong. This is not something that is directly said, but is implied due to the lack of “evidence” that he did anything of inmoral conduct. This sends a subconscience signal to the believers that he was a mortal but yet “perfect in the eyes of God”. This indirect system of covering their tracks, the argument is thereafter said to be that the Bible is just an “account” of what happened and that men are faulty and clouded in their perceptions of events. This is contradictory; for their previous argument in regards to the accounts of the disciples is that their direct accounts of the happenings in the Bible were “inspired by God[of the Spirit]”. This being paradox number 2. So let me break it down for you in the diagram below:

Men have Fallen Short of the Glory


We Are All Sinners


We must follow the examples given to us in the Bible by a mortal man.


These accounts were documented by men that are alleged to be inspired by God, but yet are justified as being human with varying perspectives. 


If we don’t follow these guidelines, then we have fallen short of the glory once again – and must therefore repent of our sins.


Based on the mortal imperfect perspectively varied humanly inspired by God accounts of stories that may or may not be altered, true, or accounted for in any manner other than self imposed outcomes of a celebretised man by men who needed a leader figure at that time in history. 


In this, I reach my final point: After researching the number of Eglishl translated Christian Bibles, I cam up with the number 117 that are currently in print as of 2012. This is astounding for three reasons: 1. The average price for a bible ranges from $1-$25 each. This means, that if one bible from each englishly published version available was sold every day, you make – on average $213,525 a year in Bible sales. This is at the national average of $5 a bible times 117(versions), times 365 days of the year. This does not include holiday and gift sales spikes. If ten bibles of each separate version was bought per-day you would have a sales margin of 2,135,250 a year in bible sales. 2. We are sought after by the Christian fathians that it is our duty to our soul to believe in the words that are written in the Bible. We are to believe in something that has been translated and manipulated so many times by people with skewed perspectives and mortal men. How is this comforting? 3. The things in the bible are taken as literal statements. For just like anything dealing in spiritual realms, we must take in to account that these words were written by mortal men. Honestly and dutiable, maybe… But as they are mortal men subject to error and bias, we must take into account not the accounts themselves, but the underlying good that can come from them. So as I Christian, one should not ornamentate on the actual words that are written, but yet the application and message that is installed in each story telling.


In conclusion:

Find your passion, find your spiritual practice. But remember: “Wisdom not shared, is wisdom lost.”.


By: Thomas McGregor