Deep Space Review: A Large Name = A Powerful Star?: Zubenelschemali


Zubenelschemali is a large name that you may never have heard of before. But I have high hopes that I can possibly shed some “white-blue” light on this large name in this issued exploration of outer space!

“The Northern Claw”. This is the literal Arabic definition given in relation to our Main Sequence Blue Dwarf Star. It seems that everything to do with this particular star is in large scale. Radiating at a very hight heat of 12,000K(Kelvin) or +12,000° Celsius, or a sense of wonder that one would associate with such a temperature! In relation to our planetary realm, Beta Librea(it’s other name)spins at very fast 100x that of our sun, or -35.2 km/s(per second)!  Furthermore, it is also 130x that more luminous than our Sun, as well! This 2.6 Magnitude white-blue star, when seen by the naked eye, is the only one to been seen with s hint of green tint. This is due to the hydrofusion aspect of this star’s make-up. If you happen to catch this star with your eye, keep in mind that you are seeing something that is 160 light years from where you stand – truly amazing! To find it, you will see it positioned to a 15h right ascension and -09° declination in the constellation Libra.


This dwarf star is particularly interesting to me because of how long the name is in relation to how big and powerful the star actually is! Sometimes stars can receive titles in relationship to their positioning in the sky, not necessarily in relationship to their actual atributes. I am only suggesting this, not implying that this was the intent of the stars’ name. For the translation of the star clearly defines how it was named. For it is positioned at the northern tip of the constellation Libra, clearly helping to form a “Claw like” formation. Also what I find appealing is how powerful this star presents itself. It is traveling at a radial speed so fast that our Sun would have to increase its velocity by 100 times its current speed. Everything about this star seems to be on a grand scale. Our benefit? We are graced with the ability to see this powerful star here on earth with our eyes by simply, looking up.

By: Thomas McGregor


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