Focus I-C Distractions – An Interconnect-Interactive Exclusive


In the beginning stages of meditation, the meditator has the ability to notice the subtle mind in which sometimes the conscience mind will get caught up in. In this article I would like to explore the Interconnectedness, or “I-C” bewtween a focused mind and the polar oposite world of distractions that seem to keep us from the focus we seek.

In the early morning hours of sunrise you might find that you are tired, without cause to get up other than to set out and move through the duties you and other have placed upon yourself. As you awake, you start to rise out of the subconscience mind into the conscience. In this state you start to become aware of your surroundings and the plot that you will take through your daily actions. In the midst of all this, there is a point for which you become completely focused. You mind is as sharp as a needle. However, usually the point passes by so quickly that your conscience mind doesn’t have time to become aware of it. As we explore this phenomenon of the focusing world we must become knowledgable of our tool.

What is focus?

Simply defined: Focus is a mental state for which one’s mind is not inhibited by outward and/or inward distractions, mentally.

What are Distractions?

Simply defined: Distractions are the things that seem to pull our mental attention from out current state in to thought process directional pathways we don’t entend to go.

In a simple manner I want to bring to light a connection that way be missed. One of the first connections I see between a focused mind and a distracted mind is that the mind is on something. Meaning: When you are focused, your attention is on a SINGULAR objective and when you are distracted, your attention is all on an objective, just not a singular one. Something else that one might notice that connects the two is the idea that you are in control of both. Interestingly enough, people sometimes claim to have no control over wether they become distracted or not. On the contrary, for if this is true that would mean that you are distracted against your will 100% of the time. If that were true, you would never say: “Sorry, I just got distracted for a moment.”. Understanding this, is a great power. For if you can see the truth in this, the universe will open to you on the recognition of your choice to be focused or unfocused at any given time. On further examination, we find that the I-C with these two things is dualistic. Meaning that you can’t have one without the other. This, I’ll let you explore more on your own. Lastly, you find the I-C that lies at the heart of your mental state involves You! Your choice into the focused world or the distracted world involves your involvement. This might seem simple or possibly something that is needless to say – but when you are completely focused you might “loose yourself”. Also when you’re distracted, you may very well loose yourself as well.

By: Thomas McGregor for Interconnect Interactive


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