Logic I-C Images, In Regards to Learning – An Interconnect-Interactive Exclusive


I wanted to approach the mental subject of the conscience and subscience mind. There seems to be a throwing around of these words, and I would like to explore these two sides of ourselves.


As you sit at your desk reading your History terms over and over, you seem completely content with the notion that you will remember these difficult terms for test day. Usually this is where our learning stops – test day. For according to a study out of Japan, a group of mixed aged people forgot 40% of their knowledge after 48 hours of reading a book and 90% of that knowledge after one week after that, when tested. But when tested after using a form of learning that used images and associations, clients remember 85% more than the did in the one week prior to the learning seminar. Why is this? Let me explain in the diagram below:

Conscience Mind = Logic & Reason

80% Usage Level


Subconscience Mind = Imagery & Emotion

20% Usage Level

Meaning: When we are “learning” something we try to use logic and reason for what we are learning, why, and how to use it. Furthermore we try to rely on our logically based conscience mind to try to “figure out” or “find” the knowledge we seek. In this attempt we actually block ourself from accessing the knowledge we have readily available to us in our subconscience(SC) mind. Ultimately we are getting in our own way by trying to figure things out with reason and logic. Sometimes this works, so these times act as “proof” to our ego that through logic we can reason our way to our goals. But there is a down side to this; things never stick for very long. In the thinker community, this is practiced: Using images associated with the words that you read to make a long lasting impression on your subconscience. This brings the words to life. This makes the words more palatable for your mind. For if I were to write: “The golden-orange flower blossomed with the moist spring rain shower.” A flood of images would come into your mind. What would you remember? You would possible remember that there was a yellow flower that opened up during a spring rain. This is great! Our conscience mind seems to think that wee need to remember every word. This is not entirely true. What we should remember are the details, and we can if we allow other parts of ourselves to take over for a bit.

So how are they I-C?

Here is the simplest answer I have concocted, thus far on examination:

Logic is the tool for which we chisel away  to the Image.

There is a Zen saying that goes like this: “Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why its dark.”

Through this understanding we can take our logic and reason and use it more efficiently rather than detrimentally. Holistically we can use both parts of the same thing in a direct link to knowing our knowledge so intimately that we feel it!

By: Thomas McGregor, Interconnect-Interactive


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