Disguised as the Unreal – The Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

Standing at 213ft tall many things may come to mind in regards to the subtropical Eucalyptus Deglupta, or Rainbow Eucalyptus. This highly ornamental ecologically interesting tree that rounds out at a nearly 6.5ft in diamater attracts millions of visitors to its native home of Indonesia each year. Also found in New Guinea, Creram, Sulawesi, and Mindanao, the Rainbow Gum is looked at upon as though it is the Elton John of trees. The mesmerizing factor lies in the trans-colored thinly layered bark. For the bark on this eucalyptus sheds annually with the seasonal wet-dry-wet-dry effect of the tropical areas it lives, leaving a green colored layer underneath. After this accrues, other colors start to emerge as the green colored layers starts to mature. Pink, red, purple, and yellow are just four of the many different colored varieties you might find on your trip to the tropics. Possibly saved from the plantation owners that aim to use the tree mainly for pulpwood paper production. The Rainbow Eucalyptus is used mainly for ornamentation of gardens, parks, and recreational areas. The flowers on the Rainbow Eucalyptus are a brilliant white fluffy style seed spreaders. Their seeds being carried off into the wind in search of fertile ground.

Photograph of an actual Rainbow Eucalyptus, taken in Costa Rica. http://www.delapuravida.com


What I love so much about this tree is that it literally starts out as a white seedling. This, to me is like if before painting a colorful picture nature starts out with a blank sheet of paper. I also find that the seeds starts out simply and yield such an array of colors very cool. Let us take the means by which the tree gets its different colors. For the only reason that the colors happen is due to the constant changing in moisture production by the environment that the Rainbow Eucalyptus is found in. For if this process didn’t happen, then it might be safe to say that we may not get the chance to view the colors of the bark. Furthermore, and more interestingly still, the Rainbow Gum is dependent on the fluctuation in moisture, in order to stay alive. So thus we reach a sort of interdependentness among our wanting to see the color in the nature’s display, and by the tree for the moisture it seeks. Valuably, you come to realize that you can’t have one without the other – if only under one circumstance: This would be in regards to if we didn’t take so much joy in the colors we see on the Rainbow Eucalyptus. For naturally, the colors would still be there. But, who would be there to enjoy them? This multi-colored Plantae is truly naturally real and luckily we have the unreal privilege to enjoy its diversity.

From the Video, Ecological Diverse:

“It doesn’t even look real!”

An Indonesian tourist states in relation to seeing the Rainbow Eucalyptus for the first time.

Up close photograph of a Rainbow Eucalyptus, taken by a Californian plant nursery. http://www.socalnurseryplants.com

By: Thomas McGregor



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