Top 7 Ways to Be Healthier – In General

I wanted to draft some simple ways you can implement healthy choices into your daily schedule that will have you feeling younger, stronger, and more vibrant. 

NO. 1 Park the Furthest.

By parking your car the furthest from your destination, comfortably, you can increase your cardiovascular exercise by nearly 40% daily!

NO. 2 Opting Out

Opting out has never been so healthy. Opt out of the “chips with our drink”, the Super Sized, and the “diet” drinks. Rather, opt out for water and fruit. If the fruit is not offered then eat without a side all together. This way, you are eating less and saving money!

NO. 3 Get Drunk, on Water!

Drink your self silly, on water! Water provides a necessary essential in hydration, inner-cleanliness, and detoxification. Furthermore, when you drink more water you might feel less hungry – enabling you to eat when you are TRULY hungry.

NO. 4 Let Recover

When you have a moment to yourself, either while traveling on a bus or sitting in your office. Take a moment to just be still. Studies have shown that people who meditate on an average of 20 minutes a day can gain up to 8 hours of sleep in that 20 minutes spent in silence. Stay still when you can, and your body will rebuilt.

NO. 5 Raw-It-Out

Eating an “all raw diet” has become a sort of fad amongst today’s fitness trends, but it may fold some truth to it. For when you consistently eat raw foods such as; Vegetables and Fruits. You are literally eating something that is still with LIVING enzymes and nutrients. So in light of this you come to understand that you are putting things into your body that can rebuilt and repair your living cells. Truly a gift from your friend the raw Carrot!

NO. 6 Oil-it-Up

In most situation we are tempted to add salad dressing to our delicious salads. But a simple change in plans can actually do us more good. If you change out your dressings for a simple Oil(like Olive Oil)you are applying essential oils to your bodys glands that can aid in everything from sweat production to how your food is digested.

NO. 7 Walk it Out

We talked a little about opting out in NO. 2, and I would like to approach it again. This time I would like you to opt out of your nightly television watching. Instead, head out for a brisk walk with someone close to you, or maybe some friends. It will get everything breathing better, and create quality friendship that last a life time!

By: Thomas McGregor, Interconnect-Interactive


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