What does it take?


This is a simple question that can yield some complex answers if we aren’t careful. But honestly put, what does it take to put yourself into a place where you are happy?


If you notice, we go through our day-to-day activities always seemingly to be searching for something. We are looking to complete the something, get to the end of a project, or even for our next meal. But, doesn’t it seem that no one is truly happy? The answer to this can come from many places. Our answers are all connected to our associations with happiness or unhappiness. Knowing this, we must take an unassociated look at what unhappiness is. First, let’s take a look at some connections between unhappiness and happiness. You might find it interesting that there are several, just on the surface. Below, they are listed:

The Connections Between – Unhappiness & Happiness. -Base Level-

  • They are connected through: a constant searching.

When you are unhappy – you look to be happy. When you are happy – you wonder if this is it.

  • They are connected through: incompleteness.

Meaning: No matter which side you take, there is still an incompleteness to the state.

  • They are connected through: they both exclude each other.

As much as we may not want to admit it, in our searching for a life that is whole and complete, we strive to exclude things that make us unhappy. This does not exclude happiness because happiness is in relation to who the person is – happiness and unhappiness can be different per person.


As we see above there may be more connections between these two state then we may had assumed before. At this point we still haven’t directly addressed the question that I proposed at the beginning. This, leads me to my final point. In order to answer the first question, I present another: Is it possible that neither Happiness nor Unhappiness is the answer to our search? What I present here to you is a non-dualistic way of looking at your moment to moment living. This is possible, and the path to look at it may be to through a consideration of the dropping of both states. This comes from when you settle back into the present moment as it is. In this lack of searching you might find a stillness. A stillness that you can relax into, and stay in. Exploration is key, as you can just sit, stand, or walk in complete non-searching fashion. I can only suggest that you just let things be as they are. In this, you might find something completely outside of both, Happiness or Unhappiness.


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