The Harmony of Synchronistic Vibrations


“The completeness of vibration can reveal to us how we are all connected by simply making a sound.”


This quote hit me in the chest like brick when reseaching how vibrational sounds are interpreted and received by infants in the womb. This interesting study into the levels of development in regards to developing children sent me in to a spiral of thought form analysis on how sound is related to us and our relationship to sound.

For its been nearly 40 years since Jonathan Cage (composer) shot the renowned video footage interview for ABC, discussing the way he heres silence – and what he considers to be “music”. In this interview, Mr. Cage reveals how if you listen to the passerby traffic and change your association from “traffic” to “music” your perception of these car and truck sounds, open. To me, I had never thought of Ambient sounds as a “from” of music. But when you break this down, what seems to be the main differences[in most cases]between what we consider Ambient and “Normal” music is just that, our perception. Realizing this, you might find yourself in a sort of lembo due to how you are changing what you thought to be true. You must ask the question, “Does ambient noise have the possibility to be music, in and of itself?” This can only be answered by asking the follow up question of – what connects ambient and normal music? What is the CONNECTION? In order to get to the simplest of answers we must start by taking down the walls for which divide the two, in the first place. This is a personal exercise. For we all hold different associations with different types of music of all genre, creed, or experience. For my association with Jungle music may remind me of watching cartoons as a child. But, someone else’s association with Jungle music may remind them of actually being in the Jungle. So, which is right? The answer may be easier then you want to admit. For the answer may be, both. Both of our associations are right in regards to our associational connection with the type of music. On this level we can’t come to a solid common ground unless we both drop our associations with a particular style of music. If we take the leap to relate this to Ambient, sound from outside  noise, we might realize that in fact the ambient sounds we hear are the same as music – just without the associations. If you want to take this a step further, you might see interconnection between other things that have associations attached to them.  But in regards to sounds, you might enjoy listening to rain fall sometimes, right? Well this may be because you associate rain with a sense of calmness. For is rain calmness, itself? Not necessarily. But, it gives your that sense of calmness. This can be a tricky and interesting game to play as you listen to your everyday sounds. Sounds of cars, people passing by, or children at play. Try just sitting and not associating with what you are hearing. This doesn’t really require anything of you. Meaning: there really isn’t a “technique” to help drop associations. Because, you would just associate with the technique. So just sit, let the sounds be just as they are and see just how we are all interconnected through the synchronistic harmony of vibrations.


By: Thomas McGregor, Interconnect-Interactive ©2012


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