Dimensions of the Gift


Now at years end, we can look back on all the times we have received or have given gifts. During the year we always approached many giving opportunities in order to spend time at our local shopping malls or stores, in the pursuit of little treasures for our friends and family. This past year, as my concentrational studies have deepened and my awareness of things widened, I have noticed trends in the way in which we go about getting gifts for others, our spirit of giving, and subconscience ways of self satisfaction through giving. I have installed a diagram below describing how giving works on different levels of awareness and how they are “received” by the receiver.


This diagram describes Giving during different levels of subconscience and conscience awareness. You will also find that the way in how receivers interact with the giver is also very different. Continuing, the choices in gift may change drastically/slightly due to the level of awareness of the giver.


Central Giver – Level 1 


 On the subconscience level, this giver is looking for an emotional and/or mental re-looping of the gift. This type of giver is actually looking for some sort of recondition from the receiver in the hopes of gaining acceptance from the receiver, not in  an actual physical re-looping. This is usually due to the an attachment by the giver to the receiver via emotion. You might find in this stage that the giver’s judgement of choice of gift is clouded by the assumed foresight of making the receiver happy in the hopes of gaining that acceptance.


Central Giver – Level 2 Awareness Level


In this level, you might find that that the giver is subject to lesser emotional attachement, although still attached. The receiver in this case might find themselves receiving a more practical of gifts. This is due in part to the givers wanting to “Help with this gift”, or “I want you to have something that you will use”. This is still in a slight search of a mental acceptance of some kind. The giver, here, is looking for acceptance on the level of “Thank ‘you’ for helping me.”, from the receiver. This might also seem as a slight deviation from level 1, which ultimately each progressing level is.


Central Giver – Level 3 Awareness Level


Level three is particularly interesting because during this stage of awareness the giver may notice the previously mention emotional attachements. If this is true, then the giver may make slight changes in their approach to the gifts. At this juncture the giver will still continue to gift things that are practical, but may look for things that are more comfort oriented. Things such as massage therapist gift cards, spa dates, and dinners. Deeply, this is still a small pursuit of the ego looking for a (receiver)”OH! THANK YOU” (ego)”See! I matter!” in the end. In this area of opening, you might find it the last attempt – of sorts.


Central Giver – Level 4 Awareness Level


Growing pains might ensue during the this fourth level of giving. This is a stage in which you might find that you are having a hard time differentiating between “emotional giving”: Giving in the pursuit of a re-loop gifting of emotional acceptance from the receiver, or “simple giving”: Giving that is, simply giving, without attachement. The struggle wont be against the giving itself, but due to the resistance of old emotional habits associated with your old patterns. This might also feel as though you are in a “loopy-land”. Questioning if you should give of yourself at all due to the emotional and egotistical patterns you now see.


Central Giver – Level 5 Awareness Level


During the opening of level 5, you might start to notice a shift in the way you think of the people you are giving to. This might be due in part to the falling away of your attachement(s) to them. Scary maybe at first, but this is a very necessary step. You also might see a change in the way these same people interact with you. You may find this to be true because of the lack of your implied attachement to them. In this, they may be able to “breath easier” around you, or the room may seem more spacious. In the sense of giving, you may find yourself going back to the basics. Not looking to impress, gain acceptance, or recognition. But rather, a simple knowing that what you are giving them wont be “The thing” that necessarily changes their life.


Central Giver – Level 6 Awareness Level


Spaciousness was a word I used to describe how the room might feel as your attachements to the receiver(s) fade. This same word can be used as you feel the openness or “spaciousness” that is accompanied with level 6. During the duration of this process you have maybe noticed a constant. This constant has been possibly the “letting go of ideals”, or some form thereof. In this level you might find that these strings attached to these people through your giving spirit have released themselves. But, let us be careful here as to not jump to this spaciousness as “the ends to our means”. For this is the space for which we should forthwith produce our truest of giving nature. Unclouded by conditions that are self imposed and implied. Rather, an extension of the universe’s clean giving and receiving as one motion constant motion. Perhaps here you might become aware of “non-physical” giving.

*Please Read*

Disclaimer: This is not the end! For if you have come to this in your own inquisitionary    and meditational life, continue the journey. Reach for the outer limits of your consciousness! Reach until your arm disappears over the edge!

By: Thomas McGregor, Interconnect-Interactive ©2011



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