Inter-spection Questions: An 8 Year Old’s Fascination with Dinosaurs


Inter-spection Questions is

a series of questioning that aims to explore

why people like and pursue the things they do in everyday life.

Case 11.1: An 8 Year Old’s Fascination with Dinosaurs:

1. What do you like most about the extincted Dinosaur.
A. The colors, most of all.

2. Other than the colors, is there anything else you like?
A. I like how big they are!

3. Can you tell me what is most. memorable about Dinosaurs?
A. The sounds they make!

4. When you see one, what is your first thought?
A. That they are big and pretty.

5. Do you like meat eaters or plant eaters the most?
A. Meat eaters.

6. Can you name two meat eaters?
A. Yes! The T-Rex and Allosauros!

7. What can you describe about the meat eaters?
A. Sharp teeth!

8. Anything else?
A. Three-Toed feet

9. And, anything else?

A. Yes! I love the scales!

10. Lastly, can you name three things that you want to learn more about, with dinosaurs?

A. Winged Dinosaurs!
B. All the Different Sizes!

C. I want to learn more about why they stomp so much!

By: Thomas McGregor, Interconnect-Interactive ©2011


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