Noticing, Noticing


Today, while making my usual appearance at the 24 Hour Fitness I attend I was in high spirits for having such a wonderful day and for this along awaited workout after the Christmas Holiday break. This good spirited approach to my workout was to be shorter than I expected due to the realization of me not having my beloved workout headphones. Not having a “normal” workout tool for an athlete can be particularly devastating for several reasons. One, something like headphones gives way to access to music via a portable mobile device. Having this music is very important due to how music can motivate and push you “just that much further”. Two, being an active gym goer you rely on a constant tool base in general. You depend on things to be there as steps through your workout, as checkpoints. With all this to account for, you might understand my dilemma.

So I started my pre-workout cardiovascular exercises with zero headphones. About 10 minutes into my workout I started noticing something very interesting. Because I didn’t have access to my music, I literally had to engage my environment mentally. After this I noticed one more thing; I notice that I had been using my music/headphones as a sedation from my external world and what I was really could be experiencing. This seemed to be a simple attempt to distract myself from the pain in the workout. This is not entirely bad, as we all try to escape some form of pain in some fashion at times in our lives. But with this noticing of this type of self created delusion or sedation, we could ask the question: does this do harm or good? This would all have to be in regard to what your goals are. If this helps you cope with your current experience, then its not entirely a bad thing. But if your goal is to fully experience your current situation; then a change to a lesser in distracted environment might be a better tool for this outcome. When it comes to my future workout: I may use headphones, I may not. This will depend on what level I want to experience my momentay situation, in my now noticed role in the great experiential interplay.

By: Thomas McGregor, Interconnect-Interactive © 2011

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