Home Without Home Attached


For most of us the statement: “a return home” can bring back vivid photographic memories combined with the sensations of our childhood. To the majority, returning to our place of origin upbringing is found through the opportunity of Holiday or family occasion. But given the rare situation we find ourselves returning to the place of our fond childhood memories void of particular pin-point event or catalyst. At this juncture we might find ourselves in the sensationally filled predicament of experiencing these strong early on memorized feelings without reason or cause other than just for the fact of being in the very place they originated. This might spark a realization or noticing that curtain places or particular pin-point recurring  events can trigger recurring emotional, psychological, and even bodily changes as reactions to those revisited situations or places. This, I believe can be made out to be the ego’s way of establishing a common ground in which to stand. For when you revisit a “familiar” place for which you “remember” having a long outstanding history with there seems to be a jumping of the mind to cling to these fond memories for mental and emotional entertainment and/or comfort stability. But it seems only when you enter these environments without the events themselves; such as void of Holiday or family tradition you find your mind jumping to recreate those scenarios in the mind with great effort. This effort is to be let go of if the observer allows their environment to be as it is. With the possible seeing that their seemingly “home-like” environment is new and fresh without these self-implosed memories. Is this scary? Of course! For you are first and foremost giving up and letting go of what you know to be extremely personal and stable. Worth it to try to suspend your self-imposed past memories on the present moment? Of course! As you might notice, the answer is the same for both. For your experience is the direct result of the risk you are willing to take at that moment – mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

By: Thomas McGregor, Interconnect-Interactive ©2011



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