5 Areas You Can Save By Doing Nothing -Doing the Numbers-

There are areas in society today where we can save money every day by simply doing nothing – I’ll explain.

I have put together a list that out line how you can save on a daily basis by simplifying your life and cutting some things out of your life. I’ll outline the math per day, month, and year for each things. My hopes are that you can implement one of these in your life to aid in further financial freedom. “It’s not about beating the system, its about working the system.”

First, make a list of 10 things that you would like to do in your lifetime. Estimate the costs for each life even you want to do on that list. Then apply these savings to these events. You could do ANYTHING if you set your mind to it!!! Enjoy!



1) Buying a Convenient Store Drink
Average Convenient Store Drink Cost: $2.00

An Average 5 Days a Week: $10.00 a Week

Monthly: $40.00

Yearly: $480.00

This is $960.00 every 2 years!!! Instead of a drink throw the two bucks in your savings!



2) Buying a Six Pack of Soda

Average Price of a Six Pack of Soda: $4.00

Twice a Week: $8.00

Monthly: $32.00

Yearly: $384.00



3) Going to the Movies

Buying a Movie ticket: $8.00(on average)

Once a Week: $8.00

Monthly: $32.00

Yearly: $384.00

That’s $768.00 a year for two people to go to the movies!!!! Save that $8!



4) Coffeehouse Drink

Buying a Coffeehouse Drink: $4.50(on average)

Six a Week: $27.00

Monthly: $108.00

Yearly: $1,296.00!!!!!



5) Eating Out

Once a Week: $20.00 (on average for two people)

Monthly: $80.00

Yearly: $960.00!!!

This is only if you eat out ONCE a week!


I hope you can install one of these things in to your life to help free things up and to do the things you’ve always wanted to do!!! -TM


By: Thomas McGregor


“Focus & Dedication”

TM Wellness Co. 2011




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