Creativity Explodes for Two Violinists Dueling for Diversity

For Adam DeGraff and Russell Fallstad it may be creativity, open-minded thinking, and inspiration that keeps them striving for diversity. But what these two classically trained and technically fluent violinists have going for them is their drive to rock!

Appearing on the internet as brothers in arms against the mainline thinking of the violin,the Dueling Fiddlers -DeGraff and Fallstad- have given a new term to how they express their creativity, expertise, and focused collaboration. These two gentlemen have created something completely unique. They continuously preach their message of breaking boundaries and the expansion of possibility. With this “tone”, we enter their world of Rock Violin.

There is a sense of balanced and evenly-spaced movement between these two classically-trained violinists. One might be caught off guard at first with what he is hearing, although still intrigued by the music. This, of course, is all you are accustomed to hearing- the violin in its classic sense of concertos and sonatas.

Although Adam and Russell don’t currently encompass the concerto, both have a vast base knowledge in the subject. Furthermore, this training does not suffer due to their choice in genre and style.

As Adam and Russell approach their spots on the stage, it’s obvious that they are both trying to open each audience member’s mind, as well as maintaining a light-hearted mood.

The original arrangements are very recognizable and palatable for the audience. They watch the fiddlers glide from one rock hit to another, sometimes incorporating more than one song at a time!

My favorite song thus far  is their arrangement called “Bach ‘n’ Roll”! This is a wildly creative arrangement of the Bach Cello Suite remixed into what looks like an actual duel between DeGraff and Fallstad. For the first time, in all my research on these two men I found an actual portraying of a “duel.” This, however, is not to be confused with what the duel is about. As they play the Baroque sound of Bach blended with the rock and “Roll” sound, one starts to understand that this musical concoction might very well be a public display of their diversity challenge for the world’s musical audience. As one listens, he can tell the performers aren’t in a fight with each other; they are trying to understand each other a bit better. As the song comes to a close, the artists end on corresponding harmonizing notes. This is significantly symbolic of how the Dueling Fiddlers have no interest in demonizing or abandoning their Classical roots. They want to harmonize with the root of music by inspiring each other to join in the dance.

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Here is the famed “Bach ‘n’ Roll” by The Dueling Fiddlers


By: Thomas McGregor

Samantha Jean Sanders, Editor





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