A Snapshot Into a Couple’s Musical World

I met Ashley Liberty for the first time this summer during the first Mark O’Connor Method camp in Charleston, South Carolina. We were both teaching private lessons, masterclasses, and group lessons to an array of differently seasoned students from vast backgrounds and playing levels.

Once this wonderful conference had ended, Ashley approached me asking for me to listen to her and her husband Daniel C. Strange’s recording, “Snapshot.” I was excited, so I eagerly jumped into the CD very quickly after leaving Charleston.


This recording is exquisite! The chemistry between Strange and Liberty is one that I have heard only a couple times. One can immediately tell from the first note that they are effortlessly telling a story. One gets the sense of freedom and ease as the two dance through several classic romantic songs into borderline fiddle tunes. The results show that hard work went in to every note and every phrase. I found myself gliding through the music clouds of different sounds with the two accomplished artists, as if I were right there in the studio with them. I found myself most captivated by their chemistry. As one follows the music journey of these two well-accomplished musicians, it feels as though they are telling their story directly to the listener! -TM

You can find their CD at:




By: Thomas McGregor

Samantha Jean Sanders, Editor


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